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                                     A Woven Banner

Tri Banner

You will need
About a size G crochet hook
Ten one foot Tri's   It takes 8 yards of yarn for each or a total of 80 yards for 10
21 three inch tassels     6" 4" of yarn each or a total of 25 yards for all 21
One row of crochet across the top to join them.  7"3" each Tri or a total of 25 yards for a 10 foot banner

This will make a 10 foot section of banner that has many uses.
Put as many sections together as you need.

Hang them around the ceiling of a childs bedroom for a circus look,
Use them to decorate for a birthday party.
Draw attention to a garage sale by putting them up in your yard or driveway.

The ones I make have at different times decorated my Studio,
brightened up a craft booth, a bake sale booth, and
the entrance, vendors stalls and lanes at a Renassaince Fair.

I use cheap acrylic yarn in bright colors to weave 10 basic Tri's.
weave a Tri
I make the tassels using the same yarns I used for the Tri's.

I wrap the yarn 10 times around a 6 inch sewing ruler.
Use anything that is six inches wide- a piece of cardboard or a book would do fine.
 measure tassel

Cut the loops at both ends of your wrapped yarn.
Cut both ends

Fold the pieces in half and tie an 8 inch piece of yarn around the middle.

Leave the ends long enough to tie the tassel to the banner.

Tie the middle

Wrap an 8 inch long piece of yarn around the tassel
about a half inch below the tied top.
Do not pull it really tight before tieing a knot.

Go under the tie with your crochet hook and
pull the ends through  so they become part of the fringe.

If you had pulled the tie really tight this would be almost impossible to do.
tie top pull ends through tie

Hold the ends together and trim off any ends that are to long.

trim ends

When you have ten Tri's and twenty one tassels made
 it is time to put them together.

You will need a size G crochet hook and about 25 yards of yarn.

Do 8 chain stitches and form them into a loop.

chain a loop of 8 stitches.
Place your hook through the first loop in the corner of a tri and do a single crochet.

single crochet in first space

For the rest of the Tri top go through each loop catching the top row of weaving.

catch loop and top row

Continue doing single crochet stitches
in each loop across the Tri.

Chain 8 and form a loop.

chain 8 and form a loop

Insert your hook through the last space of the first Tri
and the first loop of the next Tri.
Do a single crochet.

go through the corner of both Tri's

Crochet across the Tri.

Continue in this way until you have all ten Tri's joined
with a loop between each one

 and a loop at each end.

Fasten a tassel on the point of each Tri.

This could have been done before joining them together.

Use your crochet hook to pull one of the tassels's top ties through
 the bottom of the Tri.
Tie the ends to secure the tassel.

Fasten a tassel on the bottom point of each Tri.
Then using your hook go up under the wrapped tie
and pull the tie ends down under the wrapes to become part of the tassel ends.

You can also put your hook up through the middle of the tassel and pull down the
end left when you tied off your main weaving.

tie a knot and pull ends through

Next you will fasten a tassel to the first top corner of your joined Tri's
in the same way.

tie tassel to top corner

To fasten a tassel between the the first and second tri's place your hook through
the corner loops of both Tri's and pull the tassel tie through and tie.
This will help secure the Tri's together.

tie center tassels through both Tri's

Continue fastening tassels between each two Tri's.
End with the last tassel fastened to the corner of the last Tri.

finished Tri

Hang the banner up by hooking the loops
over small hooks, nails or string them on a thin cord.

Instead of using tassels you might try putting fringe on all of the Tri's.

I was given a large stash of Red Heart yarn that I needed to use up.
So over the last year I have made over a 100 feet of these banners.

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Copyright Barbara A. Herdman