How To

Changing Colors or Yarn

Weave to the hypotenuse nail where you want to change colors
 or need to add new yarn.

              weave to where you want to change yarn

Measure the yarn down to the side nail on the loom

without weaving.
Add the length of the fringe you want plus a few inches
for tieing and cut.                                                                                 

measure and cut your yarn

  Tie the new yarn in a loose knot to the end of your weaving yarn.


             tie on the new yarn


Weave the rows. hook your yarn and pull
the tied yarns through as you would
a regular weaving loop.

Weave the two yarns

The two yarns form a new weaving loop.
Move the side of the loop across the loom and hook it over the side nail.

This will put enough tension on the yarn that you can untie the temporary knot
and tie both yarns
with a permanent knot snug under the nail.

          New weaving loop

Leave the ends long enough to become part of  the fringe.

Your new yarn is now ready to continue weaving.

New yarn tied under nail

 When you want to change yarn again change on the same side as your first yarn change.

 Here I have already measured and cut the old yarn  and tied it in a loose knot with the new yarn.
           Second color change

This shows the weaving continuing with the
third yarn after two color changes.

It is easy to see how the color pattern is forming  a balanced plaid pattern.

     Third color change

The weaving is finished after I made four color changes  on the left side
of the loom and tied it off at the bottom
and the starting corner.

          Finished weaving

 To see how to put fringe on this weaving go to Fringe.

finsihed weaving

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