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Cut Thread Shawl

 Design Notes
I have decided to weave a version of Darlene Wainwrights Oragami shawl
to demonstrate Cut Thread Weaving.

Her shawl is very subtle in coloration so I decided to do a very bright one
to show how the same pattern can look very different in a different color and weaving technique.

Instead of each Tri being outlined in a darker color
my shawl will have each of the 15 Tri's outlined with the fringe that results
from the Cut Thread technique.

Oragami shawl 
 Design Failure
For those that have been following this design discussion you will notice that everything about spinning
 a 5 ply yarn that was here is now gone. It will be used later as part of an article on yarn design.

  When I started weaving I quickly knew it wouldn't work for this project. The yarn will work nicely made into tassels for another project.

This is the reason you should always do a small Tri sample before starting a large project.
It would have been a disaster if I had spun enough for a large project  then discovered it wouldn't work when I started weaving.
Instead I found the time spent dying, spinning and cutting this small amount of yarn for an 18 inch loom interesting and I have a perfect second use for it.


Design Notes
I am hand spinning yarn from a Mohair/ Wool roving.
The roving was dyed in Orange's and Yellows with food coloring.
Then spun as a single.

I will weave the three back center Tri's first.
Each will be woven in a slightly different pattern.
1- every strand is woven seperately
2. Woven in sections 5 nails wide.

     Alternating between weaving each strand seperately and weaving with two strands together.
3. woven with two strands held together.

I decided on the different patterns while doing weavings for the How-To  Cut Thread artical.
The slight variation in texture will make an interresting center design with out distracting from the over all design.
This would show up better if I used a solid color yarn. 
During the cooler winter months and dreary cloudy days I can't resist using this bright yellow/orange yarn.

First  Tri- with every strand woven seperately

I wove an 18 inch Tri in Cut Thread technique.
Weaving each strand seperately.

You can see all of the weaving steps at How-To under Cut Thread Weaving.

First Tri

Second Tri- woven in sections alternating between single and double strand weaving.

I am weaving the second Tri.
I started with five rows of weaving every strand seperately.
The next five rows were woven with two strands held together.
Followed by a section of weaving strands seperately.

When weaving with two strands together I weave over the
bottom two strands with seperate strands to lock the stands in.

.        locking  strands in

My fiber time is limited right now so this project will go rather slow.
I need to spin up more yarn before I can finish this tri and then do the third one.

Second Tri

Second Tri finished

2nd Tri finished

Third Tri woven with two strands held together

Full directions for weaving with two strands together are at Cut Thread.

The third Tri is woven with both strands held together.
The last row on both short sides is woven with each strand weaving seperately
so that the double strands are locked together.


Third Tri finished.
3rd Tri finished
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