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netted fringe Fringe

Each Fringe piece should be just over twice the length
you want your fringe to be
 since they are folded in half.

You will need one fringe piece for each side nail on your loom.
Count the nails on one side of your loom then double
 that amount then add about 5 more.

Fringe size

To make a fringe board glue 3 pieces of cardboad together.

I want 3 inch fringe so I made my boards 6 1/4  by 3 1/4 inches.
The middle board is 5 3/4 by 2 3/4 inches.
I used rubber cement to put them together.

If I wrap my yarn around the narrow part I get three inch fringe.
If I wrap around the long end I get six inch fringe.

    fringe board
  Glue the smaller board to one of the larger boards.
Placeing one long and one short edge flush with the edge of the larger board.
Glue the third board to the other two.

Wrap your fringe yarn around your fringe board as many times
as your can without overlapping a lot.

Your sissors will fit into the groove
in the top of your fringe board to cut the yarn.
Continure wrapping and cutting until you have

all of your fringe cut.

wrapping fringe

Using a crochet hook go up through your weaving at either the side nail
 or at the crossed yarn in between each nail.

If you want a really full fringe double the number you cut and put
a fringe at both the nail and the cross.


 Fold your fringe in half.
    Hook the fringe loop with your crochet hook
Pull the loop through the weaving.

Then pull the fringe ends through the loop.
Pull the ends to tighten the loop to secure the fringe.

At the point of the loom you will want to add extra fringe
to fill in the spaces caused by the curve of the point.

The left has a fringe piece at each nail.
 The right one has a fringe piece at each nail and each cross.

I am matching the fringe color to the weaving color.
Here I have all of the rust colored fringe done.

Some yarns unravel easily- for these you will need to tie
 a small overhand knot in the end of each fringe piece.

All of the fringe is now done.
fringing done

I removed the weaving from the loom
and crocheted ties and a top edge to turn it into a neck piece.
Finished neckpiece

After your fringe is on you can twist it, tie it into tassels, or add beads
Use different colors, different yarns or different lengths.

At times I like to untwist the fringe and seperate the yarn
into individual strands for a really full fine yarn look.

Experiment and have fun.

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Copyright Barbara A. Herdman