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Fringe Shawl

I am very pleased with the light weight
and wonderful drape this shawl has.

It was on exhibit at the Missouri State University
Student Exhibition Center during September 2012.

Below I explain how it was designed and woven.

Our dog Lucky is in the background.

I started with a cone of mill end thread.
I spun it into an 8 ply yarn that is
 20 wraps per inch.

In the photo the top thread is regular sewing thread.
The next is the original 2 ply mill end thread.
The bottom is the plied yarn I used for weaving.

I did a basic Continous Yarn weaving on an eight foot loom.


The lighting in my new Studio hasn't been replaced yet and it
gives everything a yellow cast.
This yarn is a lustrous blue gray with hints of red in it.

I then wove the entire shawl again with an Altha Fill In weave.

I whip stitched all around the three edges with the yarn securing
the Altha loops to the weaving. Leaving ends to be part of the fringe.

Next I wove another layer of Altha Weave in a stair step
design in the center of the shawl.
The center section is twice as dense as the outer sections
but it is still open.

This also shows a row of vertical fringe I outlined the
 center section with.
I put one fringe on every row of weaving outlining the second
layer of Altha weave.

As I wove the center section of Altha I also needle wove a seperate
 yarn down the out side edge of my Altha weave leaving the tail as
part of the center fringe. 

I used the needle woven yarn to fasten off the bottom of the Altha loops
on the stepped in horizontal section.

I wove it on down the side before fastening off the loops on the second
I continued weaving it down the side to the bottom of the loom where I
 fastened it off and the end became part of the fringe.

On the other side I started the needle woven yarn at the bottom of the
 loom weaving up as I filled in the weaving.
I tied it off at the top as part of the fringe

I then added fringe on both sides of the shawl and
outlined the center section of Altha weaving with fringe.
I centered the inner row of fringe making it the width of
my shoulders so that it would hang straight down my
 back when I wore it. 

The weaving is finished on the loom.

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