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Gypsy Hip Belt

I made a tasseled hip belt to wear with my gypsy costume for Renassaince Fairs.

Dying and spinning the yarn

I am using a Wool/ Mohair blend roving dyed in red's, yellows, and oranges.

I tore the roving into short strips with the red ones being the longest so it will
dyed roving
                Pre drafted Roving

roving strips
                      Torn into strips

I spun my single ply yarn by alternating between the two colors.

After seeing the yarn I realized that the Tri might look rather stripey on an 18 inch loom.
If I was weaving on my eight foot loom the color sequences would not reach over one
row and would blend better.

I made a center pull ball with my ball winder and plyed the yarn back on itself blending the colors together in a two ply yarn.
single ply yarn
                     Single ply
4 ply yarn
                   Two ply

I plied it back on itself one more time to make a thicker 4 ply and to blend the colors even more.  This will be a very chunky yarn and my Luet wheel is having trouble with it.
So it is rather ragged looking right now.

I  want to experiment with dying several shades of light green to add to the yarn.

It reminds me of the colors of Rainbow Sherbert.
Orange, Raspberry, Lemon and now it needs Lime added.
4 ply yarn
                           Four ply

I have taken a few days off for medical reasons but today I'm dying again.
I mixed a green and added vinegar to the mix to set the color.
It is in the microwave for 10 minutes then I will let it cool before I try rinsing it.

The roving came out a nice varigated green. It is now hanging up drying.
 Tomorrow I'll predraft and spin it.
dyed green
             Dyed wet roving

On the top you can see the variation in the dry died roving.

On the bottom is the roving after I pre-drafted it.
This roving is very thick and thin so I drafted it to even out
the size of the roving and get it closer to the size I want to spin.

It is much softer and the color is lighter and a little more even.
It will now draft very easily as I spin it.
dry roving  Dry dyed roving
   predraftedRoving Pre-Drafted

 The green yarn I spun very thin. It still has a lot of variation in the color.

The finished 5 ply chunky yarn.
                    Spun single
                  Finished  5 ply
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I wrapped the yarn around a six inch form six times and cut both ends.
I folded the yarn in half and tied a piece around the center.
I then tied a second piece around the tassel about a quarter inch below the top tie.
I pulled the ends through the tie so they became part of the fringe ends.

I made 26 tassels. Each was three inches long.

Put it all together
I wove the first 11 rows on a two foot loom with a red varigated two ply wool yarn.
I wove the rest of the Tri holding a single green and a single red yarn together.

I evenly spaced eight tassels along each side.
Tieing them through side loops.
Then pulling the ties down through the wrapped neck loop on the tassel.

I placed one tassel at the bottom point and three more above it up the center of the Tri.
The last six tassels were spaced out in two rows on the Tri.
Using the two ply red yarn I crocheted 80 chain stitches then joined my yarn to the corner of the Tri.
I did single crochet across the top edge of the tri going through each top loop of the weaving.
I ended by doing 80 more chain stitches when I reached the other corner of the Tri.

To wear it tie it around your waist with the weaving in the back over your hips.
The tassels will jiggle and sway when you walk or dance.

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