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Leno Lace
Horizontal Bands       Vertical Bands     Blocks of Weaving

Bands of Leno Lace are made with a technique
 of hand manipulation of warp yarns.

I show how to make horizontal and vertical bands.
Then combine them to make blocks of weaving surrounded by Leno lace


Move a horizontal row of yarn up one nail on both sides.

Move the yarn below it down one nail.
This will double the yarns on two nails and leave two nails empty.

  Move the yarns apart to open up a clear space.

leno lace

Thread a blunt tapestry needle with the yarn or ribbon
 you want to use to hold the twist patterns in your weaving.

Place your needle in the space between the second and third vertical yarns.

Go under the 2nd warp and over the 1st warp with the tip of your needle.
leno lace

Bring the eye end of your needle up and swing it so the needle point passes
 under the first strand and is pointing toward the opposite side of the loom.

The first and second warp yarns will now be crossed with the needle
 going through the middle of the twist.

 Pull the yarn through.
leno lace

Repeat acoss the row with each set of two yarns.

You can experiment with using different numbers of yarns.
Going under two and over two before you twist.
Or even twisting an uneven number of yarns
such as under one and over two before you twist.
Leno lace

 Tie the yarn off at the edges
and blend the ends into the fringe.

Leno lace

You can repeat rows as an overall pattern
 or use only one or two rows as accents.

Leno Lace
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Vertical bands can be inserted anywhere on the weaving you want.

Move a loop off a top nail and place it on the nail beside it.

Vertical Leno lace

You will have to move two rows of yarn
 on the side for each top loop you move.

vertical Leno lace

Push the moved rows to the side to open up the space
Leno lace

Measure the insert yarn or ribbon twice the length of the band area
 plus enough for fringe or weaving ends back in.

Leno lace

Start at the bottom of the loom and work up.

Insert your needle in the space between the
the third and second row.
Leno Lace

Flip your needle over to twist the two rows together.

Leno Lace

Move up two rows and insert your needle again.

Continue twisting every two rows together to the top of the row.
Pulling the yarn through the twist as you go.
Leno lace

When you reach the top go around the top nail.

Insert your needle back through the middle
of the twist in the first row.

Leno lace

Continue going through the middle of each twist to the last row.
Make sure you do not let your yarn twist on itself.

Leno lace

On the bottom row put your needle through the middle twist
the opposite direction as you did when working upward.

This will lock the yarn in so it will not pull back out.
Leno lace

Tie the ends underneath the bottom nail.

Here you can clearly see the different directions
your weaving yarn goes through the last twist.

I'm sorry some of the photos are a little fuzzy.
I'm still waiting for my tripod to arrive.

Leno lace
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If you do spaced vertical and horizontal rows you
produce blocks of weaving bordered by Leno lace.

Decide what size blocks you want and where you want to place them.
On an eight foot shawl for an all over pattern I like to make blocks 10 rows square.

Here I am using a one foot loom and have made only two blocks.
The top one is three rows square.
The middle one is three by four rows.

You make blocks by first making rows of horizontal Leno Lace.

You then put in your vertical rows to form woven blocks surrounded by Leno lace.

Start by moving your yarn off nails to open up a weaving space
where you want your first two rows of vertical Leno Lace.

Start from the bottom of the first Leno row and work up.

I skipped the bottom row of yarn so that I had even pairs of yarn to twist
without twisting the yarn that was used in the horizontal lace row.

Go under the second yarn and over the first just as you did for single rows of Vertical lace. 
Swing the needle to twist the yarns and pull the yarn through.

Vertical Leno lace

You can tie a knot at each block intersection or just cross it with your yarn.

You might want to add a bead at each intersection as you weave your Leno blocks.

A small tassel could also be added.

Experiment with different embellishments.

When you reach the top of the loom weave your yarn
 across the top of the weaving to the

next row of vertical Leno.

 Then work the next Leno row down and

tie off at the fringe edge.

The yarn you wove across the top will be hidden
when you finish the top edge by chaining or crocheting.

Leno lace

On the top is a square block 3 yarns high and wide.
The middle block is 3 by 4.

You can make blocks any size you want.
They could be a overall pattern
 or maybe just a row of blocks down the middle of a weaving.

Check books on Pulled Thread or Hem Stitching
 for other design ideas.

Leno Lace Blocks

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Copyright Barbara A. Herdman