Needlework Books

I've listed the Needlework Books I own with comments about their contents.
These are only my own humble opinions and I'm sure many would not agree with all of them.
Many are now out of print but you might try to get any that sound useful to you through your local inter-library loan program.

Table of Contents

Knitting General Needlework
Crochet Rugs
Tatting Buttons
Lace Beading
Embroidery Macrame


Tradional Knitting Patterns
from Scandinavia, the British Isles, France, Italy and other European countries.
by James Norby
Copyright 1973
ISBN 0-486-21013-8

Excelent designs, clear instructions, and interesting history.
The introduction is one of the nicest pieces I've seen written on the percieved difference between Capital "A" Art and Craftwork.
I love the quote used by the late Eric Gill: "The artist is not a special kind of man but every man is a special kind of artist".

Homespun Handknit
Caps, Socks, Mittens, and Gloves
edited by Linda Ligon
Copyright 1987
ISBN 0-934926-26-2

Although these were originally designed for handspun yarn they will work up just beautifully in commercial yarns too.
I've given several copies of this little book as gifts and use mine often.

A Treasury of Knitting Patterns
by Barbara G. Walker
Copyright 1968
SBN 684-10627-2

Nothing to say except this is a classic that belongs in every knitters library.

Learn to Knit Socks
by Edie Eckman
Copyright 1999
ISBN 0-88195-871-9

General basics and 12 designs in sport weight yarn.

By Spin-Off Magazine
Copyright 1994
ISBN 0-934026-94-7

Lots of directions and patterns for 20 different styles of socks.

Folk Socks The History & Techniques of Handknitted Footwear
By Nancy Bush
Copyright 1994
ISBN 0-934026-97-1

Very interesting history along with 18 exceptional patterns adapted from cultures far and wide.
I really liked the directions for the large variety of heel and toe styles.

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Crochet Your Way
by Gloria Tracy and Susan Levin
Copyright 2000
ISBN 1-56158-310-3

This is one of the best crochet books I've seen. It gives clear directions for both left and right handed crochet.
It starts out with the language of Crochet- all those confusing terms, abbreviations, symbols and punctuations in patterns. It has clear illustrations of the parts of a stitch as well as the international stitch symbols.
They then take you through all of the basic stitches, half stitches and simple stitch alternatives.
Pattern stitches and filet crochet are explained and illustrated.
Multicolor techniques such as stranding and intarsia are shown.
They even show how to make pompoms and twisted cord.
They have several pages with tips on using color and on making garments fit.
Then it is time to take up your crochet hooks and start creating.
The first project is a sampler afghan that lets you practice.
There are 20 blocks- each one is presented in a written pattern and in international symbols. There are further design ideas given with each new block.
The rest of the book contains 25 creative projects using the various stitches you have learned.
Lots of hats, vests, sweaters and a lushious shawl.
I use this book a lot

Modular Crochet
A Revolutionary New Method for Creating Custom-Design Pullovers
By Judith Copeland
Copyright 1978
ISBN 0-87131-256-5

This might no longer be a revolutionary new method but it still is a good one.
It shows how to break pullover sweater designs into modular blocks to combine into custom fit designs.
How to make different neck styles and how to read and use the diagrams are explained.
It goes on to show you how to work from photographs or on your own designs.
Helpful information is given on yarns, stitches and detailing.

Victorian Crochet
by Weldonand Company
Copyright 1974
ISBN 0-486-22890-8

Fun to read and fun to make projects reproduced from very old books.

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I spent a whole day in a Tatting workshop with a great instructor but never was able to get the hang of using a shuttle.
I have since had some success with needle tatting. I love the look of tatting so I will probably keep trying to learn more about it.

The Priscilla Tatting Book #2
edited by Julia Sanders
copyright 1915

This is a treasured booklet I found in an antique store.
I am astounded by the beauty and complexity of these designs made from two simple stitches.

A New Twist on Tatting
by Catherine Austin
Copyright 1993
ISBN 0-8069-0289

Just full of gourgous photos of tatting work. Contains 144 pages of history, general instructions, gallery of tatting and pages of patterns.
I have only done several small pieces of needle tatting so far.
I keep going back and looking at this beautiful work and I will find time to do more of it one of these years.

Jiffy Needle Tatting- Fashion Accessories
by Slema and Ed Morin
Copyright 1992
ISBN 0-85575-341-9

I bought this book in the hopes of learning to needle tat but I had trouble with their directions.
I later learned how from a video and now think I will be able to use this book to make some of their edgings and insertions. Most of the other projects are a little to "cutsy" for me. I'm not a big fan of angel ornaments or pony tail ties.

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Traditional Lace Making
by Sally Johanson
Copyright 1964
ISBN 0-442-30037-9

An excellent instruction book for starting Bobbin Lace making.
Has lots of patterns and photos of outstanding examples.

Crafting with Lace
by Joyce Elizabeth Cusick
copyright 1993
ISBN 0-8069-0443-7

While working over 40 lace projects you will learn the basics of how to work with antique and modern lace. It also has projects done in cutwork lace and Battenberg lace.

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Wool Stitchery
by Osma Gallinger Tod
Copyright-no date given but old

A small book with very dated designs and projects but it does have a few interesing stitches and ideas.
Besides I just couldn't resist a hardback Fiber book for a $1.

Crewel Embroidery Old and New
by Weldon's Needlecraft Editors
Copyright 1963

Clear directions for lots of stitches and filling designs.
It has many photos of old Crewel pieces with mostly fancy floral designs

Crewel Embroidery
by Erica Wilson kagan
Copyright 1962

Also has clear illustrations for stitches but the designs are much more varied and more contemporary then my other Crewel book.

Crossstitch in Blue and White
By Trice Boerens, Debra Wells, Gloria Judson & Terrece Beesley
Copyright 1995
ISBN 0-8069-0326-0

A really attractive book with interesting designs. The charts are large and easy to read. Many would also look good done in Filet Crochet or other techniques.

The Sampler Motif Book with Traditional Cross Stitch Designs and Alphabets
By Brenda Keyes
Copyright 1995
ISBN 0-89577-918-8

Another well done book that is fun to look at. It is full of really nice classic designs-not a "cutsy" one in sight.
I really liked the sampler guitar strap and the Elizabethan Border designs.

White Work
A Dover Publication 1978
ISBN 0-486-23695-1

It has embroidery techniques and 188 designs.

Brazilian Three-Dimensional Embroidery
by Rosie Montague
1983 by Dover publications

A booklet with over 50 floral transfer patterns. It contains clear directions for the 3 dimensional stitches.
A really nice different look for embroidery work.

Ribbon Basics
by Mary Jo Hiney and Joy Anckner
Copyright 1995
ISBN 0-8069-1295-2

This teaches a lot of the ribbon embroidery stitches by showing them in 24 different designs featuring the alphabet.

Ribbon Embroidery-wearable inspirations
by Bucilla 1994

A nice booklet with iron on transfer designs and the basic stitches and directions for ribbon embroidery.

Drawn Thread Embroidery
by Moyra McNeill
Copyright 1989
ISBN 0-8050-1406-3

I use drawn thread and hemstitching a lot to finish weavings.
I have also used drawn thread to make open lace bands around fabric shawls.
This book covers Hedebo, Needleweaving, Reticicella. Hardanger, Hemstitching and Experimental work.

The Open Canvas
An Instructional Encycopedia of Open Work Techniques
by Carolyn Ambuter
Copyright 1982
ISBN 0-89480-170-8
ISBN 0-89480-171-6 paperback

Covers the same topics as the last book but it does include Filet work.
It is layed out more like a text book with sampler designs for each section.
Both of these books are very good.

by Glenora Smith
Copyright 1978
ISBN 0-88421-045-6

A nice book that gives the basics of needlepoint and embroidery. Most of the book is an album of projects and designs.

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A variety of books that don't fit the other catagories fall into this general Needlework list.

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Most of my rug books contain information on using many different fiber techniques.

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I have done very little Macrame but seem to have accumulated a number of books on the subject.

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Copyright Barbara A. Herdman