Quilting Books

I've listed the Quilting Books I own with comments about their contents.
These are only my own humble opinions and I'm sure many would not agree with all of them.
Many are now out of print but you might try to get any that sound useful to you through your local inter-library loan program or check used book stores.


Pictorial Quilts
Stitch an Art Quilt by Hand or Machine
by Carolyn Vosburg Hall
Copyright 1993
ISBN 0-8019-8245-6

A really good book full of information and inspiration for designing and making pictorial art quilts.
I use this one frequently to check on techniques and to stir my imagination.

Visions: Quilts of a New Decade
Quilt San Diego
Copyright 1990
ISBN 0-914881-27-2

83 Art Quilts from Quilt San Diego's second annual juried Quilt Exhibition.

Quiltskills: workshops from the Quilter's Guild Australia
Copyright 1998
ISBN 1-56477-213-6

A really good book.
Each chapter is a workshop in a different technique.
Try fabric collage or an irregular shaped quilt.
The workshops on crazy patchwork and on applique are really inspiring- so many ideas on new ways to use these old techniques.
Transparent overlay and texture are explored. Learn ways to master the Mariner Star pattern, Drunkard's Path and a Crazy Pieced Cube.
The quilts shown are beautiful.

The New Quilt 1
Copyright 1991
ISBN 0-942391-99-3

The 76 winners from the Dairy Barn International quilt competition are featured.
A wide variety of wonderful Art Quilts.

The New Quilt 2
Copyright 1993
ISBN 1-56158-056-2

The 84 winners from the Dairy Barn International Quilt Competition are featured.
The Quilt National Competition started in 1979.

849 Traditional Patchwork Patterns: a pictorial handbook
by Susan Winter Mills
Copyright 1980
ISBN 0-486-26003-8

Nice clear illustrations with all the traditional names.
A great book for design ideas.

Quilts for Red-Letter Days
By Janet Kime
Copyright 1996
ISBN 1-56477-130-X

Designs, patterns and directions for over 30 small quilts to celebrate just about every Holiday you could want.
Many of these ideas could be used in designs for full size quilts.

The Country Bride Quilt
by Craig Heisey and Rachel Pellman
Copyright 1988
ISBN 0-934672-5

Full patterns and directions for a lovely applique quilt designed for Brides Magazine in 1983.
Also The Country Basket Quilt and The Country Tulip Path Quilt.

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Story Quilts
by Mary Mashuta
Copyright 1992
ISBN 0-914881-47-7

A gallery of 32 story quilts with design information and techniques given by each artist.

Quilted Sea Tapestries
by Ginny Eckley
Copyright 1995
ISBN 1-56477-083-4

Lots of techniques and inspiration for making pictorial quilts.
Most of the quilts shown have an underwater theme.

Cat Quilts and Crafts
by LaVern Langeman
Copyright 1992

Thirty Seven different Cat templates and craft projects to use them on.
The line drawings for the cats are a little rough but useable.

Complete Guide to Quilting
by Audrey Heard & Beverly Pryor
Compright 1974
ISBN 0-696-25800-5

A really good basic book on quilting. It has many of the tradional pieced blocks as well as comprehensive applique details.
Directions for making 10 different quilts as well as patterns for quilted clothing and household items are given.

The Quilters Handbook
by Michael James
Copyright 1978
ISBN 0-13-749416-5

Michael James is well known for his innovative quilts and for teaching.
This is one of his early books on quilt design and construction. A really good book that covers a lot of topics and techniques.

by Susan Denton & Barbara Macey
Copyright 1987
ISBN 0-8069-6870-2

I go back to this one often. It has many very modern designs as well as traditional patterns. Instructions are clear enough for beginners but interesting enough for advanced quilters.
I especially liked the chapter on working with curved pieces and using tessellations in designs.

Creative Quilting
by Elsa Brown
Copyright 1975
ISBN 0-8230-1105-4

Lots of fun ideas for using quilting in dolls, hangings, clothing, and quilts.
I liked the technique of dyeing and printing custom fabric or even painting pictorial scenes to quilt.

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The Big Book of Applique
by Virginia Avery
Copyright 1978
ISBN 0-684-15623-7

Shows good techniques with really fun designs.

The Joy of Quilting
by Alex Colville
Copyright 1986
ISBN 0-915590-91

Mostly wall hangings and smaller projects. She draws on solid fabric with quilting stitches very effectively.
I'd like to use some of her sheep designs for the Fiber Guild.

The Pieced Quilt and American Design Tradition
by Jonathan Holstein
Copyright 1973
ISBN 0-88365-318-4

The 96 color plates and 59 black and white illustrations show the exceptional graphic merit of quilts.
A feast for the eyes along with interesting history of American quilts and their makers.
I won't go into the discussion of craft vs Art but to me these are true works of Art.

Creative Triangles for Quilters
by Janet B. Elwin
Copyright 1995

A good book with templates, design and techniques for piecing with triangles.

Applique Ideas
by Hedi Probst-Reinhardt
Copyright 1988
ISBN 0-8117-2310-0

I ordered this one sight unseen and find it rather simplistic and of doubtful design quality.
I did enjoy the Applique Gallery in the back showing some very nice designs by various Fiber Artist.

Great American Quilts 1988
Editor:Sandra O'Brien
ISBN 0-8487-0720-6

Features Scrap Quilts with great photos, patterns, templates and directions.
This series of books features quilts with a common theme every year. They also have a section on quilts using traditional patterns and another called Quilts Across America showing various quilts with information on the artist.
Several quilts made by Guilds are shown and finally a Designer Gallery where more modern cutting edge quilts are displayed.

Great American Quilts 1989
Editor:Sandra O'Brien
ISBN 0-8487-0748-6

This one features Sampler Quilts. I made "Hidden Sampler" designed by Susan Stein and shown on page 14.

Great American Quilts 1990
Editor:Sandra O'Brien
ISBN 0-8487-0799-0

This year has lovely Quilts with Star patterns.

Great American Quilts 1991
Editor:Sandra O'Brien
ISBN 0-8487-1033-9

Quilts with flower motifs are featured.

Great American Quilts 1992
Editor:Sandra O'Brien
ISBN 0-8487-1065-7

Basket designs are spotlighted in this issue.

Great American Quilts 1993
Editor:Sandra O'Brien
ISBN 0-8487-1098-3

Fans and more Fans are shown.

Great American Quilts 1994
Editor:Sandra O'Brien
ISBN 0-8487-1179-3

This is the last one in the series that I have and it features Applique Quilts.
I find the instructions in this series excellent and I also find lots of inspiration for original quilts by looking through them.

Mini Quilts from Traditional Patterns
by Adele Corcoran and Caroline Willinson
Copyright 1995
ISBN 0-8069-1322-3

Nice instructions for making 17 small quilts that would work well as wall hangings or as doll quilts. They might also adapt well to use on clothing.

Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork & Quilting
Copyright 1985
ISBN 0-696-01015-1

A fun book to read and it has great photos and instructions.
This is another of my favorite books. I frequently checked it out of the library untill I found a copy at a used book store.

Designing Your Own Quilts
by Willow ann Soltow
Copyright 1993
ISBN 0-8019-8244--8

An intersting book that uses various projects to help get you thinking about doing your own original designs.
It covers composition, color, styles, fabric choice, and quilting.
There are 5 chapters at the end with projects you can do for practice.

Folk Quilts and how to recreate them
by Audrey and Douglas Wiss
Copyright 1990
ISBN 0-915590-34-4

Gives instructions on making 30 traditional pattern quilts.

Quilts Across America
by Leslie Linsley
Copyright 1988
ISBN 0-312-01437-6

During the Centennial Celebration for the Statue of Liberty a featured event was the Great American Quilt Festival.
Groups and individuals in every State were asked to design and make a 3 foot square quilt that they felt represented their State.
These were then assembled into a 1000 foot long banner. This book has photos of those quilts and tells the story of how and why they were designed and made.

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  Copyright   Barbara A. Herdman