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Tri Loom at Yahoo Groups
Has over 2000 members and is basically an on topic discusion group.

If you are looking for a Triloom or related items to buy check out
TriLoomAds at Yahoo Groups

other possible groups are
Frame Loom Weaving
Small Looms
Tri Weave
Weaving Sales Ads

Ravelry a mostly Knit and Crochet site
also has a Tri Loom discusion group.
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Tri Loom Weaving
by Barb Herdman
A 154 page book on basic and advanced weaving techniques with over 200 photos
 Directions for Plain and Bias Continuous Thread and  Cut Thread, Twill, and Leno Lace along with directions for building a loom.

See table of contents and more information at:
Tri Loom Weaving book

Triangle Loom Weaving Twills 'N More Volume 1
by Patricia Herman
This book will explore weaving on a Triangle Loom using eleven different twill patterns,
 with pictures of each pattern illustrated by a drawdown and a photogragh.

Pat also now has a second volume of Twill patterns available

To order her first book go to:

Triangle Loom Weaving Twills 'N More Volume 1

Weaving on Hazel Rose Looms
by Hazel Rose

This is a 50 page book that has projects for all loom sizes and some that combine sizes.
Ideas from simple 'whimsy' to complicated clothing suggestions.
Hazel Rose Website

Continous Strand Weaving Method, Techniques and Projects for
Triangle, Square, and Rectangle Frame Looms

by Carol Liegh Brack-Kaiser
Hillcreek Studio website

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Hazel Rose Looms DVD
This 45 minute workshop is on weaving on Hazel rose looms and covers basic weaving
on Tri, the square, and the rectangle. It also covers some color and texture work along with ideas for assembly.
Hazel Rose Website

"Triangle Frame Loom Weaving Magic"
for Shawls, Blankets, Jackets, and more
by Carole Leigh Brack-Kaiser
This 90 minute workshop video presents basic weaving
 for the continuous strand weaving method on triangle fame looms.
Hillcreek Studio website


Laffing Horse Farm

Shawn makes handmade Tri Looms 12 inches to 72 inches.
They also sell stands and custom size looms and Square Looms
 Contact them for other supplies.
Check out his beautiful hand made brooms too.

Laffing Horse Farm Website

Hazel Rose Looms

 The Square and Triangle looms in 14", 7" and 3.5 inches all work together to help your design efforts.
The Little Quilt Weaver set uses only 10 and 5 yards of yarn. The nails are set at 1/4 inch for use of fine yarns and hand spun.
These looms are easy to carry with you to weave in your lap.
They come with packing fork, weaving hook, yarn needles and a 36 page book with photo instructions and projects to get you started.

Hazel Rose Website

Dewberry Ridge
Gary McFarland makes a Triangle loom that adjusts from three feet to seven feet.
It breaks down to store in a duffel bag.
He also builds matching stands.
For those that like smaller looms he produces Square and Triangle looms in sizes
from 3 1/2 inchs up to 14 inches. Perfect for lap work or for traveling.
Yuo will also find some fun free patterns on their web site along with many other fiber related items.
Be sure to look at Designs by Donna
Dewberry Ridge

Off the Grid Homestead
Makes and sells handmade Tri looms.  Some can have additional inserts to change the size of the weaving.
You can also get sections that form Tri, Square or Rectangle looms.
See their web site at:
Off The Grid Homestead Website

Golden Fleece Farms
Barney Terrell makes a combination 5 foot and 7 foot loom.
A very nice five foot loom.
and a really handy 30 inch loom with an easel.
See his looms at the:
 Wildflower Fiber Store

Tri Looms by Jim
Jim Kelly makes various sizes of Trilooms, Square Looms and Easels.
He sells his looms on E-bay.
Search for him under Trilooms by Jim

HillCreek Fiber Studio
This handmade loom adjusts to nine different sizes.
 From seven feet to three and a half feet.
Hillcreek Studio Website

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If you know of other good resources please let me know.
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