How To

Russian Join

 This is a joining technique I learned from knitting.
It makes a nice tight join with out leaving long ends to weave back in.
You can also use it to join in new yarn or change colors at any place on the weaving.

Thread your yarn through a tapestry needle.
Make a small loop by weaving your needle back and forth several times through the yarn.


 Thread the yarn you wish to join through a tapestry needle.
Put the needle through the loop on the first yarn so that the two are joined.

Close the loop on the new yarn by putting the needle back and forth through the new yarn


Gently pull on the two yarns to tighten the loops on each other.

Another weaver suggested not pulling the loops tight. This will leave a smaller lump where they join.



When the loops are tight you may clip off the ends.

Another suggestion was to fray the ends into points instead of cutting them straight across.
 The ends will blend much better instead of possibly popping out.
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Copyright Barbara A. Herdman