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By Barbara A. Herdman

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Tri Loom Weaving
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The Book is spiral bound so that it lays flat for easy hands free reading while weaving.
154 pages with 286 step by step  b/w photos.
To see color photos of most of the books main weavings go to: Photos
To see sample instructions go to: Instructions

The book contains information on

  • Making your own loom
  • Continous strand weaving
  • Changing colors or yarn while weaving
  • Changing colors or yarn using a Russian Join
  • Weaving a neck piece
  • Weaving full and partial stripes. horizontal and vertically
  • Correcting mistakes
  • Finishing the top edge with  weaving, chaining or crochet
  •  Finishing the edge with crochet lace or fringe.
  • How to make looped, beaded, netted, twisted, braided and crochet looped fringe
  • How to join Tri's with chaining, lacing, whip stich and Kitchenr stitch to make a scarf, ruana, square or a poncho.
  • Using a fill in weave technique for fine yarns
  • Weaving plaids, twills, reverse twills, Leno Lace bands band and block designs.
  • Weaving with a cut thread technique on the bias with single and multi strands of yarn. Do an interesting Log Cabin weave pattern. 
  • Learn to prewarp and do needleweaving. Also do a non fringe bias weave with a continous yarn strand.
  • There is an Odds and Ends section with useful tips and information. Sample sheets for keeping records on your yarns and weavings.
  • Information on different loom sizes and their useage. Charts on how much yarn is needed to weave and fringe each size loom along with a discussion of different useful tools.
  • A useful Glossary, Resource pages with information about loom makers, other books and videos about Tri Loom weaving and an Index to help you find what you want.
  • and more.

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