Tri Weaving Gallery

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Darlene Wainwright

Darlene's weaving is for sale at Lakes Artisan Co-op
Burns Lake, BC Canada

Darlene combines small tri's into two beautiful but different shawls.


Crochet Shawl

Photos by Darlene Wainwright and posted in the photo files of Triloom@yahoogroups.com

Crochet shawl laid out

Darlene alternates woven and crochet Tri's
into three rows for a warm but lacy shawl.

Oragami Shawl

Her Oragami shawl is formed with 15 Tri's in three rows.
Her subtle but masterful use of color is stunning.
Each tri is outlined and joined with crochet.
crochet shawl

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Andi's Creations

Andi joined three -three foot Tri's as shown.

The piece was then edged with crochet.

The two top points were folded down and joined to the bottom.

Notice how well the plaid lines up when the three Tri's are joined.
Great placement of the strongest color to accent the neckline.

shrug layout

Photos by Andi's Creations and posted in the photo files on Triloom@yahoogroups.com

Joyce's Shrug

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June Franklin

June wove this sunset dyed weaving she titled Violaccous Verdant.

sunset weaving

Photo by June Franklin and posted in the photo files on Triloom@yahoogroups.com

 Sunset is a dyed pattern

Wind your yarn into a skien the length of your hypotenuse.
Divide it into three or four sections on each side of the hypotenuse center.
The larger the weaving the more colors you can use.
Dye the two outside sections the same color.
Do the same to the next two sections.
Dye the center section.
The two halfs must match

When you weave you have to make sure the color sequence is the same on every row. One sequence per row.
A beautifully blended color weave is produced.

For members of Triloom @ yahoogroups.com you can find more detailed instructions in the file section of the group page.

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Sandra's Stitches

Swedish Weaving, also called Huck Embroidery is a very old needle work technique that became popular again in the 1930's and 40's.

Sandra adds a new twist
by using it on hand weavings.

It is a beautiful embellishment for Tri Weavings.

Go to HTTP://SandrasStitches.eboard.com
to see more of Sandra's work and
  learn more about Swedish Weaving.

Be sure to check out her informative book on Swedish Weaving.


 You can also find directions for doing

 Swedish Weaving or Huck Embriodery
 at numerous places on the Internet and U Tube.

Sandra used the same purple yarn

 she wove with to add a textured design on this poncho.

same color Swedish Weaving
Photo's by Sandra's Stitches and posted in the photo files on Triloom@yahoogroups.com

A same color Swedish weaving on a scarf.

Swedish weaving

  The shawl border is done while on the loom in a simple same color design.

border embellishment

The childs poncho made from two small Tri's was joined together and washed
before the multi color design was added.

childs poncho

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I am looking for weavings that show new ideas and techniques that will help others gain new skills.

If you know of a weaver you feel should be featured here
please contact me with information and a photo.

Barb Herdman

       To find more detailed directions for basic techniques check out
the How- to section.

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