Tri Loom Weaving Book

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blue neck piece ribbon tri
Page 16
Page 25
Page 25
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Page 40
novelty tri Ribbon stripes white with crochet trim
Page 41
Page 52
Page 59
Page 69
Page 74
fringe design loop fringe alta weave joined one foot tri shawl plaid
Page 75
Page 76
Page 87
Page 87
Page 91

black plaid

plaid shawl with cape collar

plaid twill

orange twill

block Leno
Page 91
Page 94
Page 100
Page 108
Page 108
fancy leno
continous bias log cabin outlined log cabin
log cabin outlined
Page 109
Page 113
Page 114
Page 119
Page 142

progressive color

hip shawl fuzzy stripes
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